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English is tricky. Grammar and spelling follow odd rules, and there are many words that sound exactly the same as each other, but mean very different things: in English, you can “pare a pear with a pair of scissors”.

The rules of English are pretty loose if you are texting or writing a tweet. But if you are writing a business plan to show to an investor, or sizzle about your new product for your website, or even a story for children, you need to use the right words and put them in the right places in the passage.

I can help: for over thirty years I've been helping authors and thought leaders deliver their messages clearly and with impact. As an editor, proofreader, coach, and content creator I have worked on:
error in a bible published in 1631
Even the pure in heart need proofreaders

  • Press releases
  • Business plans
  • Marketing collateral
  • Website content
  • Reports and reviews
  • CVs
  • Articles
  • Blog entries
  • Training manuals
  • Software help documentation
  • Requirements documents
  • Tutorials
  • Novels
  • Short stories
  • Book-length non-fiction in many subject areas
  • Radio ads
  • Stage plays
  • Screenplays

Even if you know the difference between “their”, “they're”, and “there” and how to use each word, you may still need a final review for logic, consistency, and flow before you share your document with the audience you want to reach.

a sample edit
an edit in progress

What you have written is too important to send in an unfinished state. Contact me at andrew AT cottage14 DOT com for some well-turned phrases.

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